What is a tandem skydive?

It’s a jump where two people are harnessed together for the jump. The passenger is in front and the instructor wears and operates the parachute system. Many thousands of tandem skydives are made each year throughout the United States.

When are you open?

We operate from Friday 9AM thru Sunday 8PM and on weekdays on a limited basis, June through September. Our phone number is open 24/7 at 218-390-1800. We can be emailed anytime at info@skydiveduluth.com

What is minimum age to do a tandem skydive?

At least 18 years old. Our maximum age is 70.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, must not be over 220 pounds, this includes jumping clothes and shoes. Everyone gets weighed.

What other personal issues are there?

A person must not have any health issues that would prevent them from jumping. If there are any concerns, please consult your health care professional. Also, having reasonable fitness is important. One must be able to lift their legs up for a few seconds when landing.

What should I wear for the jump?

During the warmer summer months, tandem jumpers usually jump wearing whatever their wearing. No jumpsuit. (You want to feel the wind!) We recommend wearing “tennis Shoes” on the jump.

Is it ok to drink some alcohol before the jump?

No. Must be 100% sober.

What training is involved to do a tandem jump?

One must watch a short video explaining the tandem jump. Then fill out some waiver forms. Finally a few minutes to be taught proper body position. Your instructor will then put a harness on you.

Can I bring a camera on the jump?

No. Use your cellphone to take all the pictures/video when you are on the ground. Have your friend video you landing to capture your jubilation.

Can I bring people to watch me jump?

Yes, bring as many as you want!

Does weather effect my jump?

Yes. We cannot jump if it is raining, too cloudy, or too windy. Also weather conditions can change during the day. Thus on the day of your jump, please contact us if weather seems questionable. Many of our customers come from far away to jump with us (and enjoy the activities around the Duluth/Superior area), we will try to accommodate your jump if weather becomes an issue.

What is the cost for a tandem jump?

$299. Price subject to change without notice.

Is there a required deposit to make a reservation?

Yes. $100 deposit for each person planning to jump and is deducted from the cost of the tandem jump. Generally this deposit is not refundable. We will reschedule your jump if weather prevents the jump.

Can I get pictures or a video of the jump?

We use hand held GoPro cameras. We will take closeups of you both in freefall and under parachute.  Most of your time on your jump will be under parachute.

How many people could jump at the same time?

Tandem jump will be done one at a time to make space available for experienced skydivers or for non-jumping passengers.

What forms of payments can be used?

Cash and most common credit/debit cards. No checks sorry.

Where are you located?

Richard I Bong Airport in Superior WI. Only a few miles from Duluth MN. Just google “airport Superior WI”.

Do you accept tandem jump certificates purchased thru another company?

No. Tandem skydive jump must be purchased directly thru Skydive Duluth by calling our phone number 218-390-1800. Manager makes all reservations.

Does skydiving have lots of rules to follow?

Yes. All businesses, throughout the United States, that offer tandem skydives must follow lots of rules. Primarily the rule setting entities are the United States Parachute Association (USPA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and skydiving equipment manufacturers. It does not matter where this skydive business is located nor the size of the skydive business, the same rules must be followed.

Is there a group discount?

No, there is not a group discount.

Is a reservation required for a tandem skydive?

Yes. Reservations required. No walk-ins.  Manager makes all reservations.

Do you sell gift certificates?

No. A reservation first must be made to purchase a tandem skydive.

Why jump at Skydive Duluth?

This business is located only a few miles from beautiful Lake Superior. During the plane ride up to the jumping altitude, a person has one of the best views anywhere in the Midwest. It is a common occurrence to look down and see large cargo ships and sail boats on the lake. Duluth MN, which is also only a few miles away, overlooks Lake Superior and is also a spectacular site! Also all of this is your scenery as you fall through the sky on your tandem skydive!

Who owns this business?

Skydive Duluth is owned and operated by Dean Beaudoin. Dean became a skydiver in 1989 after graduating from student skydive training in Florida. He has thousands of jumps